Our Staff

Our committed teaching staff are qualified Early Childhood Education graduates or equivalent who are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. Our staff ensure quality child care and teaching within a safe and nurturing environment and work with you, the parent, toward the optimum development of your child. To achieve this goal, we encourage open and daily communication between parents and staff.

Our staff includes a full-time Administrator and Assistant Administrator to oversee the daily operations of the Centre, a full-time cook who is trained in Food Handling to provide nutritional meals, and housekeeping staff to ensure a clean and safe environment. Student teachers and carefully screened volunteers also participate under the supervision of our staff and are a valuable asset to our program.

Workside Early Childhood Education Centre is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected from the membership of the Workside Early Childhood Education Corporation. The Board of Directors meet with the Administrator on a monthly basis to review the activities of the past month and/ to discuss concerns. These meetings provide an opportunity for the Board and the Administrator to assess the program and ensure its objectives are met. The Board of Directors can make changes and/ or additions to the policies and procedures of the program as the need arises.

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